Audience Studio - End of Contract

Before the end of the contract term, it is the client's responsibility to remove all Salesforce Audience Studio infrastructure from their site properties, e.g. Control Tags and Event pixels on websites, SDK in Apps, and Media Tags in campaigns.

It is advised that clients start the data off-boarding process a minimum of 30 days before the legal contracted end date, in order to ensure that all relevant data is gathered prior to the contract expiration.

Things to consider when starting the data off-boarding process:

Segmentation & Campaigns

     Look through all:

  • Activated segments
  • Segmentation taxonomy
  • Personas & analytic segments


  • Remove existing tags from site:
    • Control Tags
    • Consent Tags
    • Event Tags
  • SDK in apps
  • Impressions and click trackers to be removed from relevant channels



  • Consider collecting RTBF lists if an RTBF request has been initiated in the past.

Once the contract term date has expired without renewal, the timeline for proceedings is as follows:

1) All Audience Studio instance(s) will be deactivated.

This action would effectively prevent instance access and stop all report processing.
This would occur the following day / within the following week after the termination date has expired.

2) Once Audience Studio instance(s) have been deactivated, a 30-day period is allocated before any data removal, cessation of ETL (data export feeds), or S3 bucket decommission tasks are set to take place.

You will be able to access your S3 bucket to retrieve any available data during this 30-day period.
In addition, should you need to renew your contract with us, your data will still be available and no data loss would be incurred during this period.

For further information on our data policy, please see our Audience Studio Security, Privacy and Architecture documentation.

3) On day 31 following the deactivation of Audience Studio instance(s), we will proceed with data removal, S3 bucket decommission tasks, and cease all ETL activities.

Please note that these processes may take a further 59 days to complete, and data retrieval during this period will not be possible.

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