Audience Studio iOS SDK Updated Release FAQ

* UPDATE 4/21/21: Apple has announced it will begin enforcing ATT on April 21, 2021. Please ensure all iOS apps are utilizing v4.5.1 of the Audience Studio SDK to remain compliant with Apple's Developer Program License Agreement.

What necessitated the update?
Apple deprecated its isAdvertisingTrackingEnabled property, which was a check to ensure user consent was provided to collect the device UUID.

Was this change known previously?
Apple had announced plans to enforce the implementation of its App Tracking Transparency framework in 2021, however, the deprecation of its isAdvertisingTrackingEnabled property was applied to iOS 14 ahead of the previously anticipated timeline. 

What is the App Tracking Transparency framework?
The App Tracking Transparency framework is designed to prohibit user tracking without explicit consent. Previous versions of iOS had made opt-in the default position, with an option for users to opt-out of tracking when desired. The app tracking transparency framework inverts that, making opt-out the default, with a requirement for users to opt-in to tracking directly.

Apple’s definition:
Use the AppTrackingTransparency framework if your app collects data about end users and shares it with other companies for purposes of tracking across apps and web sites. The AppTrackingTransparency framework presents an app-tracking authorization request to the user and provides the tracking authorization status.

When is the framework required by Apple?
The App Tracking Transparency framework is a requirement for all iOS apps on April 26, 2021 in order to remain compliant with the Apple Developer Program License Agreement.

Is it necessary to adopt the framework?
Yes. All prior versions of the iOS SDK, including v4.4.5, which do not include ATT will not be in compliance with Apple's Developer Agreement after April 26, 2021.

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