Manage Data Providers

The Manage > Data Providers section provides an overview of Data Provider configurations. Customers may view a list of Data Providers configured for their Organization, including the following configuration details.

  • Enabled / Disabled:  Indicates if the Data Provider is enabled or disabled.
  • Party: First or Third. If First Party, then data is treated as first party data and will not be included in Data Provider billing reports. Additionally, first party data is included in standard data feeds by default.
  • Exportable: This is only relevant for third party data since first party data is included in data feeds by default. However, if a Data Provider agrees to allow their data to be included in data feeds, they may indicate that by selecting the exportable option.
  • Billing Model: CPM or Subscription. Data Providers offer their data for a price (CPM) by default. However, customers may negotiate subscription pricing with Data Providers that offer a subscription pricing option. When Subscription is configured, it must be direct-billed by the Data Provider.
  • Billed by Salesforce: All CPM, third party data is billed by Salesforce by default with the exception of data activated and used in Google Marketing (formerly DV360). If a Data Provider has agreed to provide direct-billing, they may indicate that by selecting Billed by Salesforce = No.
  • Date Created: The date the Data Provider was configured for the customer organization.
  • Last Modified: The most recent date a modification was saved for the record.

Changes to Data Provider configurations must be administered by the Data Provider or authorization to administer changes on behalf of the Data Provider must be provided by the Data Provider directly. 

If you wish to negotiate non-standard terms with a Data Provider, such as access to data in data feeds, subscription-based pricing, or Data Provider direct-billing, please contact the Data Provider directly.


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