Google User Match Changes May 2020

Google announced that as of June 1st they will no longer allow integration partners to hold user match tables and Google will host the match tables. As of May 27th, we will have completed a transition to Google hosted match table for all Google-related integrations. Prior to May 2020, we hosted the user match table. 

This transition should be seamless in many respects, but you should expect to experience some changes in the way you interpret populations in Activation > Partner Management for Google-related activation.

Populations may appear larger in Audience Studio than in Google especially when the population includes a large percentage of cookies vs. mobile ids (MAIDs). Google only accepts data that is included in the last 30 days of user matching. However, since Audience Studio does not have access to the match table, we will be sending all supported addressable ids within an activated segment and we will not know how many are included in the last 30 days of Google's user match table. 

Also, since we do not have access to the user match table, we can only provide the total number of cookies and will not be able to provide matched cookie counts for Google integrations.

For more information about how to compare populations in partner systems, please see the How to compare Audience Studio segment populations in Activation Partner systems article.

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