Audience Studio Integration with IAB TCF

How does Audience Studio work with IAB's GDPR Transparency and Consent Framework?

Audience Studio is a registered vendor of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) standard. Audience Studio currently supports an integration with IAB TCF v1.1 and v2.0

This article describes the functionality that is made available by Audience Studio for our customers that use IAB TCF to manage their consumer consent. 

General overview

Audience Studio provides the means to leverage users' privacy choices made through IAB's Transparency and Consent Framework. Audience Studio also enables customers to evaluate, honor, and forward these user privacy choices to downstream partners in accordance with IAB TCF.

The Audience studio IAB TCF integration supports adtech partners, including data partners and activation partners.  For integrated partners, Audience Studio includes the IAB TCF consent string as a URL parameter when it fires the user match pixel. Partners are responsible for implementation to honor the consumer choices expressed in the IAB TCF consent string.


The IAB TCF specification is available through the IAB site at this location. The specification includes details on the IAB TCF consent string here.

Audience Studio has granular consent management flags that allow customers to manage consent within the Audience Studio. Audience Studio consent flags are detailed here.


IAB TCF Integration - Adtech Partners

For pre-configured partners, the IAB TCF consent string is automatically attached to the partner while firing user match pixels. Audience Studio includes the TCF consent string as additional URL parameters when invoking the user match pixel to partner. If you are a customer and would like to check on the status of integration for a partner, or if you are a partner who would like to request this integration, please contact the Audience Studio support team.

Sample user match pixel fire:{0|1}&gdpr_consent={IAB_consent_string}

Frequently Asked Questions 

Yes. Audience Studio does provide an integration for IAB TCF 2.0. You can find us on the TCF 2.0 registered vendor list.

  • Why can't Audience Studio automatically map IAB TCF consent purpose and features to Audience Studio consent flags?

Customers use Audience Studio to help accomplish different marketing use cases of their own choosing. Audience Studio operates as a Data Processor for its customers, and therefore cannot make the determination of how to map IAB TCF consent purposes and features to Audience Studio consent flags.

  • Is my data partner / activation partner integrated with you to receive the IAB TCF consent strings on user matches?

Please contact our support team for questions on specific partners.

  • I am a partner, how can I get my user match updated to receive the IAB TCF consent strings on user matches?

Please contact our support team with this request.

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