Segment Sync Error

When sending data to an activation partner, there are two steps involved in sending the data. 

1. Create a shell segment in the partner's system to generate a segment id and obtain that id for delivering the user segment membership. This is what we refer to as segment sync.

2. Send the user segment membership which refers to the segmentid and includes the related device ids that belong in the segment

The activation options are included in the Activate section of the Segment Builder and when you select an activation partner option, the segment sync process is initiated. In some cases, the partner's system will return an error which will cause the rest of the data sending to fail.

When a segment sync error occurs, end users that have permission to activate data will receive an email notification informing them that an error occurred with information about the error(s), partner(s), and segment(s).

You will have access to view the error and a retry option next to the activation partner in Segment Builder and the segment summary page. Once you are able to address the error (e.g. correct the activation partner account configuration, etc.) then you may utilize the retry option to initiate the segment sync again.

Some additional information related to specific errors may be available in the help center with label 'Sync Error Details'. If you are unable to decipher or address the error yourself, please submit a support ticket and include the information from the segment sync error email so support may reference the activation partner account(s), segment id(s), and error message(s).

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