Change to Google Chrome Same Site Settings

In February 2020, cookies in the Chrome browser (version 80 onwards) will default to SameSite=Lax if not explicitly set. This may affect some of the Salesforce applications. For Audience Studio and Data Studio, it means that when this change goes into effect, less data will be available for targeting, since the cookies will not be available in a third-party context.

Therefore, the Audience Studio developers have changed the Chrome settings within the applications to SameSite=None, Secure. This is the optimal setup to track third-party cookies (HTTP header will set SameSite=None, cross-site cookies can only be accessed over HTTPS protocol).

The new SameSite settings enforce an explicit declaration of intent to track cross-site and to make sure the information is transferred securely.

See Safari 1st Party Cookies


Firefox 1st Party Cookies

for related content.


This change will be deployed automatically in early Jan 2020.
Depending on your implementation, this SameSite value will be set:

  • Through javascript (Control Tag) making an assignment to document.cookie
  • Through HTTP header -- Set-Cookie: xxx=yyy; SameSite=None; Secure

For a complete explanation of the Chrome cookie collection changes, see:

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