How to Access Imports/Exports on S3 Using WinSCP

These instructions were validated and tested current stable release of WinSCP (version 5.15.5).

Previous releases have had problems with the Principal of Least Privilege security model Salesforce enforces on all accounts.

This is a quick example of how to configure WinSCP for access to krux-partners AWS S3 bucket for a client (client-example will be the folder we are attempting to access) which would have a normalized path of s3://


  • STEP 1 - Open WinSCP and create or start a New Site configuration.
  • STEP 2 - Select the Amazon S3 for the Winscp “File protocol” immediately beneath “Session”.
  • STEP 3 - Enter the WinSCP “Access key ID:” as per your access credentials provided to you. It is strongly recommended that you do not save the WinSCP “Secret access key:” as part of the configuration.
  • STEP 4 - Now select the WinSCP “Advanced...” button.
    • STEP 5 - Set the WinSCP “Remote directory:” to the /<BUCKET>/<PATH>/ which in this example is krux-partners and the root folder is client-example which would be /krux-partners/client-example/.
    The trailing / is significant!
  • Step 6 - Save the configuration (which will then populate the WinSCP “Login” with a preconfigured session and now connect normally.
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