Audience Studio Audit Trail

The Audience Studio Audit Trail tracks recent configuration updates that are critical to the business. Audit trail records the time, date, and changes that end users make to an Audience Studio instance on an organization basis, so they can be analyzed and audited. Audit history is especially useful in organizations with multiple Admins.

Audit Trail data includes user logins, changes to user permissions, configuration updates such as waffle flags, groups and roles, organization access, and organization parameter configuration updates. This data is captured whenever a user makes a change, and is available upon downloading the Audit Trail.

List of tracked changes:

  • User information such as email, password, first name & last name, as well as user flags (i.e. superuser, staff, active, etc.) changes
  • User profile details such as user phone number, organization org_access, site_access, mirror_allowed, roles, flags, and general user profile page data access.
  • Group changes 
  • "Request access to other organizations" internal UI page requests
  • Organization hierarchy changes
  • Org parameters changes

Audit logs are available to Audience Studio customers on request, by filing a support ticket. They contain data for the past 12 months.


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