Google DV360 Currency Setting Requirements

As of October 1st, the DV360 integration has been updated to support CPMs and DV360-direct invoicing to customers for Audience Studio segments that contain billable data. In order to support these features, Salesforce Audience Studio implemented Google’s 3rd party endpoint for segments that contain billable data.

Segments that contain pure first party data only remain unchanged and continue to be sent to Google DV360 as First Party.

CPMs must be delivered to Google using the currency configured within Google DV360. If the CPM is not sent based on the currency Google is expecting to receive, the segment syncing will fail. This is specific to segments that contain billable data.

How to Modify Currency

Note: End user must have Partner Management - Full Access permissions

  • Log in to Audience Studio Console
  • Navigate to Activation > Partner Management
  • Edit each of the existing DV360 accounts (Note: end users are able to enter their own display name and names will reflect how the end user named them. In some cases, customers are still referencing DBM)
  • Modify the currency field to include the three digit code as referenced here. IMPORTANT: The currency must be configured based on what Google expects to receive. Please make sure you reference what’s been configured in DV360 3rd party buyer settings
  • Let us know when currency has been properly configured for all DV360 accounts and we will retry sending billable segments

For more information about the original transition plans, please sign in to review the DV360 Transition article.

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