Find Activated Segments and Edit Segments in Bulk

This article discussed the topics of Finding Activating Segments and Editing Activated Segments in Bulk.

Find Activated Segments

Use the following procedure to find activated segments:

  1. Navigate to Segment Builder
  2. Choose Activation Partners next to the Search box filter
  3. Enter a portion of the name of the partner (Depends on how you named your accounts. You may reference the account names you’ve created by navigating to Activation > Partner Management)
  4. Select the filter icon and choose
    1. Party: 3rd
    2. Activation: Send to Partner

Note: Repeat the above for 2nd party, but choose Party: 2nd instead of Party: 3rd.

Also, if you find data that is NOT being used within a partner’s system for active or upcoming campaigns, please remove the activation criteria and / or set the criteria to ‘on demand’ refresh to further optimize data sending and processing.

Edit Activated Segments in Bulk

When bulk editing segments, you may edit the meta data, or you may edit Activation settings. When editing activation settings, you may only choose to overwrite existing. Make sure you do not inadvertently remove existing activation settings by overwriting all changes unless you are intentionally doing so.

To Edit Segments in Bulk:

  1. Choose the bulk edit icon at the top right above the search results.
  2. You may select ‘all’ using the checkbox at the top right of the results after activating the bulk edit option, or you may select multiple line items using the checkbox to the right of each.


  3. Choose the ‘Bulk Edit’ button at the top of the list to view the edit options.

          Keep the overwrite option selected and choose Activation in the second section.


        Leave the activation toggle in the off position to remove all activation settings, or toggle it on
        to choose one or more activation partners to activate all selected segments.

       4. Select Save. 

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