Personalization Segments

Audience Studio can enable first touch personalization through Interaction Studio and other leading personalization and content management tools. Personalization segments leverage Audience Studio API to enable first touch personalization using Ad impressions. After an ad impression is rendered, Audience Studio captures the activity and qualifies the user for the Personalization Segment and sends the Personalization Segment information to be available via the API. Personalization and content management tools such as Salesforce Interaction Studio and other tools can query the segments via the API and personalize the consumer experience.


There are two ways to setup  personalization segments - capturing ad impressions and configuring Audience Studio to work with your personalization tools.

Capture Ad Impressions

Refer to this doc to deploy Ad impression pixels in media campaigns.

Configure Audience Studio Integration with your Personalization Tool

Some personalization and content management tools are integrated server to server with Audience Studio and there is no configuration required. Personalization Tools which are not integrated server to server can be implemented via our API that requires deploying a javascript snippet on your web properties. Please consult with your Customer Success contact or Audience Studio support team to determine whether the javascript code snippet is required.

  1. Deploy Javascript code snippet on your web properties.
    1. Login to Audience Studio.
    2. Navigate to Manage > Sites and click on “Get code” in Actions column for Tag Type = Site.
    3. Select “Personalization” in the drop down.
    4. click on “Copy to Clipboard” to get the Javascript code snippet.

Audience Studio and Interaction Studio are fully integrated server to server and there is no new configuration required to integrate the 2 products.

Create Personalization segments

After the setup is successfully complete, create personalization segments in Audience Studio.

    1. Login to Audience Studio.
    2. Click on “New Segment”.
    3. Click on Personalization segment card. If you don’t see “personalization segment” card, please reach out to Audience Studio support.
    4. Create segment rules using the attributes under 1st Party media attributes.
    5. Click continue and input a segment name.
    6. Click on “Save and view confirmation”.

Upon creation, Audience Studio continuously scans the incoming Ad impression pixels calls, creates personalization segments, and deposits the segments in the low latency store. Personalization segments are immediately available through the API.

Create Personalization Rules

In your personalization and content management tool, create rules by utilizing the personalization segments. In Interaction Studio, the rules can be created using Eligibility rules and priority rules.  

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