First Party Imports - Hashed email address (HEM) ingestion

HEM Import leverages Audience Studio’s Self Serve First Party Imports framework. HEM ingestion is beneficial for activating data to Marketing Cloud and other HEM-based activation platforms, such as Google Ads.  Also, combined with Identity solutions, you may enrich HEM-based data with additional identifiers, such as cookies and MAIDs that support digital advertising use cases.

Increase Match Rates for Marketing Cloud HEM Activation

HEM-based data ingestion allows you to upload HEMs that are net new to Audience Studio for Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) HEM activation.

HEMs are ingested as the Audience Studio kuid, and does not require matching a HEM to a KUID. The ability to import HEMs as KUIDs from offline data will result in greater match rates between Audience Studio and SFMC. 

As always, a consent file import is required prior to ingesting HEM-based data using the First Party Import tools.

Consent File Import Format


HEM Based File Import Format*


*Note: HEM-based file imports must have a prefix and emails must be hashed using the sha256 hashing method for Marketing Cloud activation and / or Google Ads HEM activation. Standard 1st Party Imports do not. Attribute/value pairs follow standard format as described here.

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