Reading the Results: Data Provider Billing Report

The Data Provider Billing report is available by the 15th of each month and includes data provider cost distribution by segment for each activation partner related to usage for the previous month. Customers may use this report to identify how much they will be invoiced for billable data each month. Data Providers also receive report results when they receive monthly payments for data usage.

The Data Provider Billing Report is based on usage data provided from multiple sources: Customer Self-Reporting, Partner-Provided files to S3, Ad Log files, and other direct integrations.

When multiple data providers are included in one segment, the CPM is considered a 'blended CPM', and blended CPM is used to distribute impressions based on weighted contribution to the segment. Please refer to our Understanding CPMs article for detailed information.

How to Read the Results

  • Core Segment: The segment name as created using the Audience Studio Segment Builder
  • Core Segment ID: The Audience Studio segment id
  • Partner: The activation partner where the usage occurred (where a segment was used to target a campaign)
  • Data Provider: The data provider included in the segment rules. If more than one data provider was included in a segment, the core segment will be included in the results multiple times and impressions will be distributed across each data provider based on the blended CPM / weighted contribution to the segment as described in our Understanding CPMs article
  • DP Segment: The data provider segment that was included as a rule within the core segment.
  • Type: Will indicate if the data provider is 2nd party, 3rd party, or related to a lookalike segment
  • CPM: The CPM provided by the data provider for the DP Segment
  • Impressions: The total impressions from usage reporting sources related to the core segment and distributed across all contributing data providers based on the blended CPM / weighted contribution to the segment as described in our Understanding CPMs article
  • Cost: The total cost based on CPM and impressions

Billed Date vs. Usage Date

Since late usage may be reported, the billed date will include all reported usage for the current month's billing cycle. This is the date that should be used to reconcile what you would pay to Data Providers for the billing cycle.

Usage date would reflect the amounts based on the usage month. This is the date that should be used for analyzing budget needs / budget reconciliation.


If usage for March 2019 is provided late in the May 2019 billing cycle and April 2019 usage is also reported (on time) in the May 2019 billing cycle, then...

Billed Date = May 2019 would include March 2019 and April 2019 usage

Usage Date = April 2019 would include only April 2019 usage

Usage Date = March 2019 would include only March 2019 usage 


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