Overview: Data Provider Billing Report

The cost of using 2nd and 3rd party data in the Salesforce Audience Studio is typically a segment CPM cost. The CPM value assigned to a given segment represents cost per thousand impressions.

When a segment has a CPM cost, this cost will only be charged when:

  1. The segment is sent to an impression based activation system
  2. Impressions are actually targeted against that segment in a given month

In order to calculate the payment owed for each data provider that contributed to a segment, Salesforce must receive reporting back that includes the actual impressions that ran against each segment on a monthly basis. This enables Salesforce to properly invoice customers for the data they use as well as pass through those data costs to data provider.

These impression level reports come from 3 main sources:

  • Ad Logs
  • Reports Directly from Activation Systems
  • Self Reporting from customers of impressions against segment ID

These sources of impression level data are ingested into our platform, where an algorithm is run against them to allocate impressions to data providers based on the weight and composition of the given segment.

As of April 2019, Customers can find their monthly data costs under Activation→ Billing→ Data Provider Billing.

This report includes both 2nd and 3rd party provider costs and includes usage from all reporting sources.
Please note that when this new consolidated Data Provider Billing Report is available, it should be used instead of any separate billing reports used previously.
If a customer uses both 2nd and 3rd party data across many different activation systems, this report will be updated at various times following the close of month as data processes, and should be finalized around the 20th of the month.

Typically data costs from any automated reporting sources such as ad logs will be populated for the previous month after the 5th, while all other sources are not populated until after the 15th. This is why some data may show prior to the 15th, but it is recommended to wait for the full amount of processing (i.e. after the 15th) to use this report.

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