Extension Segments FAQ

What is an extension segment?
An extension segment includes 3rd party devices from the Audience Studio dataset that match the selected data provider's segment criteria. Extension segments provide additional reach beyond the customer's 1st party data set.

Non-extension segments are based on the customer's 1st party dataset that they've already reached.

Can extension data include 2nd party data?
No, extension segments can only contain 3rd party data. 

How long does it take for extension segments to process?
An extension segment may take 1-2 days to process as opposed to a standard segment, which should process within a few hours.

Extension data processes weekly, so it is recommended that Extension segments be set to weekly refresh to avoid unnecessary processing.

Can I create extension segments in bulk?
You cannot bulk edit segments to make them extension segments.

What is the easiest way to create an extension segment? Can I copy my original segment and activate the extension feature?
Extension segments should be built as new segments rule by rule. We do not recommend copying the original segment to then create an extension segment. The extension toggle will not be available in the activation screen for any segments that include 1st-party data.



Are there certain types of segments for which the Extension toggle is not available in Segment Builder?
The Extension toggle will not be available for lookalike segments, as the creation of extension segments from lookalikes is prohibited. All lookalike segments are in-universe only, so building an extension segment would not add any users to the segment.

In order to extend a lookalike segment, Prospecting must be enabled. Please reach out to your account owner for more details, as this feature incurs an additional fee.

Can I build an extension segment from a lookalike segment?
No, this is not possible.

Can I build an extension segment off of Audience Studio 3rd party Geographic Data?
Though extension is an option for geographic data segments, the populations of these segments will remain the same as their non-extension counterparts. Therefore, the extension toggle can be activated but due to IP address collection restrictions, extension will not apply.


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