Implementing Google RLSA tags

Salesforce Audience Studio segments can be sent to Google Ads (previously Google Adwords) to be used for retargeting their users via Google Ads. This is achieved by firing Google's Remarketing tags on all users in the respective segment. This populates a Remarketing List for Search Ads (RLSA) inside Google Ads. 

The Remarketing Tag requires the Google Global site tag to be present on the website and fired before the Remarketing Tag itself. Both the Global site tag and the Remarketing tag can be created in Google Ads UI. More info on this can be found here. For issues on this, please reach out to Google support.

The Global site tag can be implemented on your site via the Audience Studio SuperTag, any other Tag Management tool or hardcoded on your website.

The Remarketing Tag must be fired via the Audience Studio SuperTag if it should be fired for certain segments only. Create a new tag in SuperTag, choose "Custom Tag" instead of selecting a template and paste in the "Event Snippet" code of your Remarketing tag. On the second page, under "Rules" select which segment the tag should be fired for. See here for an example:


Only users that are member of this segment will then get the tag fired and thus be added to the RLSA in Google. We recommend creating one Remarketing tag for each segment you would like to send from Audience Studio to Google.

Note: Segment must be activated for 'Send to Site' in order to be sent to Google.

To verify whether your Remarketing Tag is firing correctly, please first check in Control Tag Helper whether the tag shows are "fired = yes" and "errors = no". See this screenshot as an example:


If that is the case, you can use Google's "Tag Assistant" extension for Chrome. It will show you which tags have been fired on a specific website. See this screenshot as an example:



Please note that with this integration, users can only be added to Google Ads, but they can not be removed. Please also note that only active users are being sent to Google Ads, only those users that come to websites with your Audience Studio Control Tag after they have been added to segment.  

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