Whitelisting steps for Google integrations

DoubleClick Data Platform (DDP)

DDP can be used to deliver segments to Ad Exchange, DoubleClick Bid Manager, the Google Display Network in AdWords, YouTube, DFP, and Google’s Audience Center. For the Salesforce DMP to be able to deliver segments to the DDP, the client needs to have the account whitelisted to allow the Salesforce DMP the appropriate access.

To do so, the client should contact their Google Account Manager and DDP Support (at ddpsupport@google.com), and request an email agreement be sent to them for the specific Google accounts they want the data made available to (AdX, DBM, AdWords, or Audience).

The email agreement will look something like the following:

By responding to this email with the words “On behalf of my company, I agree” you authorize Google to allow Salesforce to create and edit audience data in your [AdX, DBM, AdWords, or Audience] account, subject to the relevant terms which govern the account(s). Once Google receives the authorization email, the account will typically be whitelisted within 7 days. You also acknowledge that any use of audience data in your [AdX, DBM, AdWords, or Audience] account(s)] is subject to the Google [AdX, DBM, AdWords, or Audience] policies, including the Policy for advertisements based on interests and location.

The client must respond to the email with the phrase “On behalf of my company, I agree.”

Once Google has the authorization, they will whitelist the Salesforce DMP account, and let the client know once they are done. The client then needs to let their Salesforce DMP representative know that the setup is complete.

Google may ask for the AdWords Customer ID for the Salesforce DMP. If so, the correct Customer ID is:

User: adx@kruxdigital
AdWords Customer ID: 474-848-6027
CID: 65558970


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