Segment Level Reach Report

Segment Level Reach (SLR) identifies attributes of a base segment and grows the audience reach by finding more devices that share the same attributes. The feature provides intelligence not just reach, and fast time-to-value.


  • Uses 2nd party segments purchased through Data Studio
  • Uses 2nd and 3rd party data to carry out segment-level analysis
  • Provides intelligence on the most defining attributes of a base segment
  • Finds additional segment reach from devices that share the same attributes
  • Part of Report Builder, this report is an on-demand report

Key Rationale

  • This feature expands segment reach while providing transparency of which attributes are most important
  • It offers faster process than Custom Index - no need to create segments to use only for analysis


  • Part of Report Builder, this report is an on-demand report
  • You can go to Salesforce Audience Studio Console, find Segment Level Reach under Audience Studio Insights or in Report Report by clicking Manage Report and then Create New Report
  • Select the Base Segment for analysis
    • Only segments containing 1st party attributes (including onboarded 1st party attributes appearing as 3rd party data in segment builder) can be used. Segments containing 2nd or 3rd party data (including Extension and Lookalike segments) will not be available for selection in the base segment selection. Specifically, Lookalike segments based on a seed segment containing 3rd party data will be excluded from the base segment selection. Real time segments are also excluded from the base segment selection. 
  • Choose a 2nd party data provider and/or a 3rd party data provider
  • Submit the analysis
  • We recommend that you can use Segment Overlap tool before use this feature and find a data provider that have good overlap with your Org for analysis


  • Reports are processed nightly and results will be available next day
  • Note, data is based on past 30 days  

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