CDIM availability FAQs

Why is CDIM not available for my segment?

There are a number of reasons that CDIM may not be available as an option for your segment:  

  • 2nd Party Data is blocked by default from being using in modeling. Data Owners who share their data must opt in explicitly for data to be available to be used for CDIM.
  • If you are creating a new base segment from which you want to leverage the CDIM feature, the CDIM graph will not be available until the base segment has gone through the weekend processing queue. For example, if you create a new standard segment on Thursday, the CDIM graph should be available on the following Monday. Once the CDIM graph is available, you can proceed with building your CDIM segment.
  • Real time segments are not eligible for CDIM.
  • Streaming segments are not eligible for CDIM.
  • Users who have not consented for the cross-device GDPR consent flag are not eligible for CDIM.

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