Non-Human Traffic

NHT (which stands for non-human traffic) represents a range of traffic to websites that are driven by software agents or bots rather than real people. Bots can be utilized for both good or bad purposes but as a marketer this type of traffic must be considered especially when you are measuring the success of your campaigns. Bots will not only skew analytics for a website but they will also generate a lot of ad impressions and clicks. A ton of extra and unmeaningful impressions and clicks can negatively impact ROI, ROAS, and other KPIs that matter to measure the success of a business.

How to suppress Non-Human Traffic in Salesforce Audience Studio?

Salesforce Audience Studio provides an easy and intuitive way for marketers to suppress and exclude non-human traffic from their campaigns via segment building. Through integrations with third-party partners that provides NHT data, Audience Studio generates one platform segment that contains all NHT data for each organization. The marketer can then exclude this NHT platform segment through the segment building process.

Who can access Non-Human Traffic?

Customers who want to access the non-human traffic feature should reference what's included in the Salesforce Audience Studio platform edition they purchased.

Which third party partners does Salesforce Audience Studio support?

Salesforce Audience Studio works with third-party partners to provide the ability to suppress NHT. The following third-party partners are supported today:
  • Comscore

What is the process to enable this feature if we working with a supported third-party partner?

Submit a ticket to inform us of which partner you are using and that the tracking has been implemented so we can enable the non-human traffic (NHT) features.
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