Grant Mirror Access

If you need help resolving a problem, you can grant login access to your account to a Salesforce DMP support representative. Salesforce DMP support team requires this access to assist and resolve your support issues.

To grant access to Salesforce DMP support team, you need to perform the following actions

  1. Navigate to My Account under the settings icon (top right corner).
  2. Enable the checkbox for Enable user mirroring.
  3. You are required to select a time period until which you will grant access. Please note that you can only grant access for upto 30 days.
  4. Click Save.

You can also view the last time you had granted this login access. This information is displayed under the Permission last changed on.



  • Granting user mirroring access will only grant login access to the Salesforce DMP support team. No other user in your organization can login to your account at any time.
  • You grant login access for a time period (upto 30 days). After this time period, this login access is automatically revoked. You will be required to repeat the grant access steps as mentioned above
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