How to add yourself to a segment using test mode

Often times when testing tags in a live environment it’s advantageous to be able to add yourself to a segment. Salesforce allows users to add their KUID to any segment using “Test Mode”. Please make sure the segment is activated for "Send to Site".

Here are the steps to add a user to a segment

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3

Once the segment has been enabled for test mode, click the gear icon again to expand the dropdown menu. You will see two new options: “Add user to segment”, and “Remove user from segment”.


Once you have been added to the segment, you will receive a confirmation message:


Step 4

Once you have completed testing, simply follow steps 2 and 3 in reverse. Click the gear icon and “Remove user from segment”, then “Disable test mode”.



Note: The option to add or remove a user from the segment will only appear when you are in the 'Manage Segments' screen, not in 'Segment Summary'.

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    Jente de Ridder

    Is it possible to not only add yourself to a specific segment but any specific KUID? We have people in the organisation that would like to be able to test if their personalization is working as expected, but who do not need admin rights within the DMP.

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    Fernando Pascussi

    Hi Jente, you can add any specific KUID to a segment for testing purposes in two ways.

    1. Similar to the article "Adding a Salesforce DMP Segment to a Mobile Device", you can use the following call to push a kuid into a segment:[PUB_UUID]&seg=[SEGMENT_ID];_kuid=[KUID]

    2. Within the UI, you can enable "test mode" as explained in this article; once in test mode, there will be an option to "add user to segment". When this is selected, your (active) browser's kuid will be added to the segment.


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    Georges Monty

    This is great thanks guys, really helpful 👌

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