Composite Segment FAQ

What is a composite segment?

Composite segments can be created for users that have engaged with very specific content at a given point in time.  Rules are matched based on contextual elements captured in the same impression, page view or event. 

How are composite segment rules processed?

All rules need to be fulfilled by the user in the same pixel call, or in the same line of an uploaded 1st Party data file. 

How do I set recency and frequency on my composite segment?

Frequency and recency are set as a last step before saving the segment.  Since all rules must be met in a single pixel call, the frequency and recency must remain the same for each rule.

Can composite segments be activated on-site?


Can composite segments be activated for an external activation partner?


What is an example use case for a composite segment?

Composite segment:

product = swimsuit + purchased swimsuit 

A user viewed a swimsuit and purchased the swimsuit during the same visit. Therefore, the rules were matched and captured in the same visit.

How can I start using composite segments?

Composite segments must be enabled for the account.  Please reach out to your Account Manager for additional information.


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