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The Salesforce DMP Android SDK is a framework that an app developer can add to their app to send and receive data from the Salesforce DMP Platform.

The current version is 4.1.1

Release Notes: v4.1.1 (10/16/2017)

  • Re-shadowed 3rd party libs to avoid duplicate entries
  • Removed unused icons

Release Notes: v4.1.0 (07/12/2017) 

  • updated minSDKVersion to 16 and targetSDKVersion to 25
  • added SDK version number in the beacon requests
  • added OkHttp3 library to send requests
  • updated play-services-ads to 10.2.4
  • removed geo data collection
  • fixed minor bugs

For apps upgrading from versions 1.7 and lower: 

  • Simplified initialization of SDK to a single call in the app's Application classes onCreate method.
  • Removed dependency on Volley for making network requests.  Use a single .jar for all apps.
  • Improved debug logs so success or failure of calls made to the SDK can be tracked more easily.
  • Other improvements for improving the reliability of the SDK.


Download Salesforce DMP test app

This test app project is available to view code samples.  

Latest Files are attached at the bottom of this article

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