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The Salesforce DMP Android SDK is a framework that an app developer can add to their app to send and receive data from the Salesforce DMP Platform.

The current version is 4.1.0

Release Notes: v4.1.0 (07/12/2017) 

  • updated minSDKVersion to 16 and targetSDKVersion to 25
  • added SDK version number in the beacon requests
  • added OkHttp3 library to send requests
  • updated play-services-ads to 10.2.4
  • removed geo data collection
  • fixed minor bugs

For apps upgrading from versions 1.7 and lower: 

  • Simplified initialization of SDK to a single call in the app's Application classes onCreate method.
  • Removed dependency on Volley for making network requests.  Use a single .jar for all apps.
  • Improved debug logs so success or failure of calls made to the SDK can be tracked more easily.
  • Other improvements for improving the reliability of the SDK.


Download latest aar file: krux-java-android-sdk-4.1.0.aar

Download Salesforce DMP test app

This test app project is available to view code samples.  


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