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What type of data is the transaction segment leveraging if not connected to an e-commerce site?

You can build a transaction segment if you are using transaction.gif or if you have given us transaction logs.

Can I customize my segment dashboard to only display the segments I have created?

Currently, no, however, you can customize the manage segments screen by altering the segment filters to just the types of segments you wish to look at. For example, if you know that you primarily created 1st party segments, you can select “1st party” in the filter and only 1st party segments will display.

Why does my manage segments page show me icons but no populations?

While segments are processing, you will see the people and devices icons partially faded out. Once the segment is fully processed, the icons will be fully colorized.

Where can I view who created the segment?

In the manage segments screen, if you click the dropdown arrow to the right of the segment, you will see creator, along with the last modified date.

What are embedded segments?

Within the segment summary screen you are provided with a view of "related segments". There are 4 ways your base segment may be leveraged in other segments:

1. Embedded (or used as a rule) in another segment

2. Created a CDIM segment off of that segment

3. Created a lookalike segment off of that segment

4. Created a split segment off of that segment

Why are some of my rules in my segment hyperlinked and others are not?

Rules that are hyperlinked are other segments that are leveraged in that segment. If you click on the hyperlink, you can view the full details of the segment used as a rule.

What number does my segment-vendor match represent?

The vendor match number represents the matchable population. Matchable population does not include IDFAs or Safari users.

Will additional data providers be leveraged to populate the Audience profiles for Demographic Insights?

Currently, 3rd party data is used to populate the demographic insights. Salesforce Audience Studio Verified Audiences will be incorporated into this in the future.

What does the "E" next to devices mean?

An "E" will appear on the devices symbol in the Manage Segments screen when a segment is an Extension segment. An Extension segment is only available when third party data is used and cannot be enabled if a first party rule is included in the segment. Extension expands the population to the Audience Studio universe, beyond your data.

What is the difference between the "is" and "contains" operators in Segment Builder? 

“Is” allows you to pick and choose the term you would like to add as a rule in your segment.

"Contains" allows you to add attribute values in bulk that match a certain word or set of letters found in current and future attributes.

Using “contains" is highly recommended to build scalable segments, especially if there are hundreds relating to the same keyword or topic.

Are attributes that are no longer active automatically removed from the UI?

No, if you would like expired attributes removed from the UI, please open a ticket via the Customer Support Portal with the request.

Is there a limit to the number of segments that can be pushed to "Onsite" (ad server) at any given time?

Yes, you will hit a character limit on most ad servers, which will truncate the string and cut-off the segment IDs beyond that threshold.

Audience Studio provides a segment prioritization feature where you can assign a rank to segments (lowest numbers start at the left and populate the string), ensuring if any characters are omitted from the end of the string, the prioritized segments are still passed over to the ad server.


Is there a segment "test" mode?

The "Enable Test Mode" option in the Segment Dashboard allows you to force yourself into a segment for testing purposes. Here's how:

  1. Navigate to the Segments dashboard
  2. Search for the segment to test and select the Action Wheel for that segment
  3. Under Activation, select Enable Test Mode 
  4. Re-open the Activation menu, select Add user to segment
  5. The segment will be available for testing approximately 40 minutes after being enabled for test mode. At that point, you should be added to the segment on any of the sites associated with your account.
  6. To test, verify that the segment ID is present in the Audience Studio Control Tag Helper under the Interchange O&O section, or within Local Storage (localstorage.kxsegs)

To disable test mode, return to the actions wheel and disable test mode.

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