Extended Data Feed

Salesforce Audience Studio allows publishers and marketers to collect and organize consumer web data in one central "big-data" warehouse. Using Audience Studio, it’s possible to consolidate and reconcile first party "web-behavior" data that is generated by consumers as they browse. Publishers and marketers can also integrate data from their user registration and subscription databases into Audience Studio.

The "raw" consumer web data collected in Audience Studio can be analyzed and combined into Audience Segments using Audience Studio’s Segment Builder. Audience Studio users can then use these audience segments to customize content and advertising, and commerce offers on their websites.

Extended Data Feeds detailed data that a client might want such as:

  • UNIX timestamp
  • geographic data (country, region, domain (IP address based),  zipcodes)
  • site (for attribute data)
  • browser
  • device

Please note that Audience Studio enforces a 90-day expiration for all files and data on our customer and partner-accessible AWS S3 buckets.  Each day's delivery is the latest complete data set from your Audience Studio instance.

Note: Additional fees may apply. Please refer to your contract for details.

Extended Data Feed

The Extended Data Feed includes up to 7 files:

  1. User Audience Segment Map - Included and described in Standard Data Feed
  2. Segment Mapping - Included and described in Standard Data Feed
  3. Media User Data (daily upload of activity) 
  4. Paid Search User Data (daily upload of activity)
  5. Site User Data (daily upload of activity)  
  6. Event User Data (daily upload of activity)  
  7. Transaction User Data (additional charges may apply depending on your contract type)

Each extract is available as a Caret (^) Separated Value file (CSV) and can be shared with the client via Krux's Amazon S3 account.  The client can then pull files from their client-specific location.

Audience Studio will deliver one or more files to client specific S3 bucket. Delivery location will remain constant, though number and naming of files may vary due to back end processing.

The formats of the extracts included in the Extended Data Feed are listed below.  Please refer to the Standard Data Feed for User Audience Map & Segment Mapping information.

Media User Data

Marketer use-case. This feed has user data by KUID for all media impression and click pixels (based on site).

Sample Marketer use-case for Media User Data:


"435383416000"^"2015-06-27"^"KfvZM-fT"^"000431b418423dd568349645f0b748bc"^""^"Safari-7"^"Computer"^"Mac OS X"^"general_brand"^"54321"^"8334801"^"994734046"^"0956407"^"91858298"^"989981762"^"0"^"country=in&region=mp&domain=airntelbroadband.in&zipcodes=994043"

Paid Search User data

Marketer use-case. Similar to the Media User Data feed, this feed has user data by KUID for search clicks (based on site).

Sample Marketer use-case for Paid Search User Data:


"1448232083733"^"2015-11-22"^""^""^"Firefox 4-42"^"Computer"^"Windows"^"9335139"^"399295001"^"3-14228814299-78827468946"^"google"^"-"^"country=us&region=az&dma=789&domain=cox.net&zipcodes=95614"
"1448161504844"^"2015-11-22"^"K2Jw_OBH"^""^"Firefox 4-42"^"Computer"^"Windows 7"^"0443801"^"299998487"^"291448487"^"yhoo"^"-"^"country=us&region=ma&dma=506&zipcodes=91536"
"1448214880756"^"2015-11-22"^"KxFJuPF7"^""^"Firefox 4-42"^"Computer"^"Windows XP"^"0445139"^"277795023"^"3-5551587906-77726718066"^"google"^"-"^"country=us&region=ri&dma=521&zipcodes=92813"

Site User Data

Publisher and Marketer use-case. This is a breakdown by KUID of what user and page attributes were collected. SiteUserDataExport job starts each day and processes the day -2 data.

Sample Publisher and Marketer use-case for Site User Data:


"1448187988000"^"2015-11-22"^"00314g54dpex441z5y1dec4243502912"^""^"Safari-9"^"Computer"^"Mac OS X"^"https://staredsx.dsxtxzs.com/home"^"keywords=investing, trading, stock, stocks, bonds, fixed income, mutual funds, etf, options, futures, IRAs, roll over 401k, retirement, Roth IRA, online trading, stock quotes, mobile trading, active trader, ztradesprox, managed investments, trade, SUPERTRADE&url_path_1=home&visitor_day_of_week=Sunday&visitor_time_of_day=Morning&visitor_date_of_month=22&logged_in=false&site=SUPERTRADE&section=home"^"country=us&region=ca&dma=825&domain=zxdeswu.com&zipcodes=94043"

Event User Data

Publisher and Marketer use-case. (Please note, additional charges apply). This feed contains a breakdown by KUID on data from event pixels fired onsite.

Sample Publisher and Marketer use-case for Event User Data:


"1447954838000"^"2015-11-19"^"0050cd89f52b874i99d4618351fb7600"^""^"Safari-9"^"Computer"^"Mac OS X"^"Lmjy9VyT"^"-"^"country=us&region=tx&dma=641&domain=ctsa.edu&zipcodes=98242"
"1447914570000"^"2015-11-19"^"006v10296a9e014i37dz805fb31a9ce4"^""^"Mobile Safari-9"^"Mobile"^"Mac OS X (iPhone)"^"LpcixQgS"^"-"^"country=us&region=ca&dma=807&domain=comcast.net&zipcodes=94150"
"1447914571000"^"2015-11-19"^"006v10296a9e014i37dz805fb31a9ce4"^""^"Mobile Safari-9"^"Mobile"^"Mac OS X (iPhone)"^"LrR9OprM"^"-"^"country=us&region=ca&dma=807&domain=comcast.net&zipcodes=94150"
"1447914647000"^"2015-11-19"^"006v10296a9e014i37dz805fb31a9ce4"^""^"Mobile Safari-9"^"Mobile"^"Mac OS X (iPhone)"^"LnDGl3zm"^"-"^"country=us&region=ca&dma=807&domain=comcast.net&zipcodes=94150"

Transaction User Data

Publisher and Marketer use-case. (Please note, additional charges apply).  This feed contains a breakdown by KUID of transaction pixel data fired onsite. It includes all transaction data passed to Audience Studio for a user.

Sample Publisher use-case for Transaction User Data:

"1468860693000"^"2016-07-18"^"0123456ef3da7d6e3bda69cceadc3f6f"^""^"Mobile Safari-9"^"Mobile"^"Mac OS X (iPhone)"^"productCategory=Shirts&productName=Origin Penguin Slim Shirt&pageType=Checkout&userType=memberdate=2016-07-18&price=50.0&quantity=1"^"country=us&region=nj&dma=501&domain=verizon.net&zipcodes=12233"

For additional info see: 
Extended Data Feed Technical Specification Sheet

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