Salesforce Audience Studio Impression Pixel As A Redirect For Site Served Media In DCM

Salesforce Audience Studio marketing tags are set up within DCM Event tags, however DCM Event tags only apply to Iframe/Javascript and JavaScript ad tags.

There are cases when a publisher only accepts Standard (Non-Javascript) tags for their site-served media. This could be when the Creative/Ad is hosted by that publisher. The marketer/agency only sends tags for the purpose of tracking/reporting. Typically, agency ad ops would send Audience Studio (vendor partner) impression tags to the publisher, to be trafficked on the publisher's end. Through this method we can piggyback the Audience Studio impression tracker on DCM's standard impression tracker, thus eliminating the need for Audience Studio impression tracker to be trafficked separately by Publisher ad-ops.

Please note that for site-served placements (1x1), this redirect method can only be applied to one vendor. For example, if you apply Audience Studio as the redirect for a site-served placement, you cannot create another redirect for Moat.

! IMPORTANT DO NOT apply the tags below. They are strictly examples and should not be used. You should only implement the tags provided to you directly by your Salesforce Audience Studio account manager.

Example Salesforce Audience Studio Marketer tags:

Static Impression (Image){insertID}&advertiserid={insertID}&placementid={insertID}&creativeid={insertID}&adid={insertID}&siteid={insertID}

Click Tracker{Insert_ID}&kxadvertiserid={Insert_ID}&kxplacementid={Insert_ID}&kxcreativeid={Insert_ID}&kxadid={Insert_ID}&kxsiteid={Insert_ID}&clk={Insert_URL}

Steps for Applying the Salesforce Audience Studio impression pixel as a redirect

  1. Identify the 1x1 placement for which you will apply the Audience Studio impression pixel redirect.
  2. Apply your click tracker ad
  3. At this point you have the basic setup in DCM to pull ad tags for purposes of tracking site-served media: a Standard image impression tag, and a click tracker.
    Next, set up the Audience Studio redirect. In DCM, click the "New" button and select the "Redirect" creative type.
  4. Name your redirect. Enter the Audience Studio static impression tag (highlighted in blue above) in the
    Third party URL field. Set the dimension to 1x1.
  5. Click Save
  6. Within the DCM UI, click "New". Click "Standard" ad.
  7. Create a new Standard ad to assign our redirect creative. We recommend naming the Ad the same name as the redirect creative. Update status to "Active". Make sure that start and end dates are accurate. Assign the redirect creative. Assign the placements for which you want the redirect activated against (e.g. other site-served 1x1 placements). Please also keep in mind that the redirect creative also needs a default ad with a 1x1 pixel as backup.
  8. Click Save. When the Ad window closes, you will see your redirect applied to the 1x1 placements. You're done with the set-up of the redirect.
  9. QA, Pull the placement's tag as a Standard tag. Run the Standard tag in a browser. Validate that the Audience Studio impression pixel fires by using the instructions in our Media Tag Validation Guide article.

Need Help?

If you need any assistance with implementing the Audience Studio impression pixel as a redirect for site-served media in DCM don't hesitate to contact your Salesforce Audience Studio Solutions team at

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