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Implementation Options

Salesforce Audience Studio has a standard Opt-out URL that can be called by our partners to execute the opt-out action for a user. A user can opt-out of tracking by the Salesforce DMP platform by visiting and clicking on the "Opt-out" button.

Audience Studio Opt-Out is the standard DMP opt-out URL. When called directly, this URL will execute the Opt-out action for a user and it will return the following JSON response:


A user must allow cookies from Salesforce DMP in order to opt-out. Calling the DMP opt-out code (by clicking on an opt-out button placed on the client's page) will result in a persistent 'cookie' placed in the user’s web browser by Salesforce, identifying that user as being on the Salesforce DMP 'do not target' list. Taking this opt-out step won't prevent all tracking and targeting online, but it will ensure the user’s wishes are honored by all Salesforce DMP clients.

Note: If the user uses more than one computer, the process must be repeated for each one as this information is associated with a cookie unique to each machine.

Audience Studio Cookie Status

To determine the tracking state of a user (opted-out vs. opted-in), a customer should call  to return one of the following JSON responses:

{"code": "optedout"}

if the user has opted out of tracking by Salesforce Audience Studio

{"code": "optedin"}

if the user is opted-in to tracking by Salesforce Audience Studio


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