Click Tracker

The click tracker follows this format:

With a valid click tracker, you would have:

  • Config123 is the Salesforce Audience Studio Configuration ID for the ad server 'Site' as described in the Introduction here (required field)
  • Brand is an optional parameter for tracking and grouping by brand in Audience Studio
  • Advertiser is the Ad Server's Advertiser ID
  • Campaign is the Ad Server's Campaign ID, or Order ID in some ad servers (required field)
  • Placement is the Ad Server's Placement ID
  • Ad is the Ad Server's Ad ID
  • Creative is the Ad Server's Creative ID
  • Site is the Ad Server's Site ID
  • The clk parameter is a required field, and must be followed by the destination URL where people should be redirected to.

If you were using DCM ad server, had an Audience Studio client ID of XYZ123, and used the DCM macros to populate the values, the click tracker would look like:!&kxcampaignid=%ebuy!&kxplacementid=%epid!&kxadid=%eaid!&kxcreativeid=%ecid!&kxsiteid=%esid!&clk=%u

Validating Your Implementation

For more details on validating Audience Studio Click Trackers, see our Media Tag Validation article

Need Help?

If you need help with the Click Tracker, don't hesitate to contact the Salesforce Audience Studio Solutions team at


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