Impression Tracker

The script-based impression tracker follows this format:

If the ad server you are using has issues with hash signs (#) in URLs, you can also use this alternate format, which uses an ampersand (&) for the field delimiter:

In this case, in a valid impression tracker, you would find that:

  • Config123 is the Salesforce Audience Studio Configuration ID for the ad server 'Site' as described in the Introduction here (required field)
  • Brand is an optional parameter for grouping and tracking by brand in the Audience Studio Platform
  • Advertiser is the Ad Server's Advertiser ID
  • Campaign is the Ad Server’s Campaign ID, or Order ID in some ad servers (required field)
  • Placement is the Ad Server's Placement ID
  • Ad is the Ad Server's Ad ID
  • Creative is the Ad Server’s Creative ID
  • Site is the Ad Server’s Site ID
  • ksegs parameter is optional, but if included, the >KruxSegList would be replaced by a comma delimited list of the Audience Studio Segment IDs that the ad or campaign is targeted to.

To make the trafficking easier, you can use ad server macros (if your ad server supports them) to dynamically fill in most of this information. Using the DCM ad server macros – and an Audience Studio Site Configuration ID of Config123 - the resulting impression tracker would look like:!&campaignid=%ebuy!&placement=%epid!&adid=%eaid!&creativeid=%ecid!&siteid=%esid!

Or, if the campaign or ad was targeted to the Audience Studio audience segments o2957fqbu and n55p8h4y6, the impression tracker would look like:!&campaignid=%ebuy!&placement=%epid!&adid=%eaid!&creativeid=%ecid!&siteid=%esid!&ksg=o2957fqbu,n55p8h4y6

Audience Studio Impression Tracker for E-mail campaigns

The Audience Studio Impression Tracker is a 1-by-1 pixel sized image that is included in the body of the email.  It can be included anywhere in the body content, but it can only be used with the HTML version of the email content, simply because the text version would never make the request for the image. Because of this, people who prefer to read text emails will not be tracked.

For more details on tracking e-mails, see our E-Mail Campaign Implementation article.  

Validating Your Implementation

For more details on validating Audience Studio Impression Trackers, see our Media Tag Validation article.

Need Help?

If you need help with the Impression Tracker, don't hesitate to contact the Salesforce Audience Studio Solutions team at


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