Video Campaign Implementation Guide

Organizations can integrate data from their media-buying activities by implementing the Salesforce Audience Studio tagging infrastructure into their video campaigns. This article describes the general process for adding the Audience Studio impression and click tracking tags into the ads in video campaigns via Innovid.

Trafficking Salesforce Audience Studio in a Video Ad Server

Work with your Video Player representative to implement the script-based and non-script based impression trackers, as well as the click-tracker. The confid SAMPLE would be replaced with your confid from the Audience Studio platform. See the Introduction Article for where to find your confid.

Sample Salesforce Audience Studio Impression Tracker

Add the Salesforce Audience Studio pixel to a VAST <TrackingEvents> on video start.

The RED values should be replaced with values for your campaign.  When using macros, test to ensure they populate with expected campaign IDs[value]&campaignid=[value]advertiserid=[value]&placementid=[value]&siteid=[value]&creativeid=[value]

Salesforce Audience Studio Sample Click Tracker

The RED values should be replaced with values for your campaign.[value]&campaignid=[value]&advertiserid=[value]&placementid=[value]&siteid=[value]&creativeid=[value]&clk=

Note: Full click-through URL should include URL with any appends/redirects, etc.

In-app Video 

Videos played in-app on a mobile device must be include raw IDFA/ADID as the Krux ID.  User data will not be collected without it.

Refer to the Mobile In App Campaign Tracking for setup.

Tracking Video Quartiles

If the video player can support a tracking creative play quartiles, use Audience Studio event tags.  

Recommend to use 1 event with a attributes describing firstQuartile, midpoint, thirdQuartile and complete.  

See Event Pixel guide

Validating Your Implementation

For more details on validating Audience Studio with your Video Campaigns, see our Media Tag Validation article.

Media Attribute Mapping Import

For more details on updating IDs into human readable names, see our Human Readable Names (Import / Export) Tool

Need Help?

If you need help with video campaigns, don't hesitate to contact the Salesforce Audience Studio Solutions team at

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