Marketer Implementation - Getting Started

The Salesforce Audience Studio (or Platform) allows you to capture, unify, analyze and activate all of your people data in one central system of engagement. Using the Salesforce DMP, you can improve your marketing effectiveness - while simultaneously building a better experience - by creating and sustaining a real-time, intelligent view of your customer's behaviors and needs.

Marketers implement Salesforce by: 

Tagging Sites with the Audience Studio Control Tag

Audience Studio is activated by adding the Audience Studio Control Tag to all campaign landing pages. The Control Tag is a snippet of asynchronous JavaScript code, meaning that it won’t block anything else on a web page and it is optimized for faster page load times.

For best results, we recommend placing the Control Tag directly on the page in the <head>.  This proper deployment ensures that you benefit fully from allAudience Studio data collection and personalization capabilities. Audience Studio platform clients can use the SuperTag application as your Tag Management System.  SuperTag enables you to easily manage all tags (including 3rd party) through a single interface in the Audience Studio platform, and use your best-in-class  audience segments to inform tag delivery.  Data will start to log in the platform approximately 24 hours after you have deployed the tag.

If your Audience Studio account is set up as an administrator for your company, you can get the Control Tag by logging in to the Platform’s web interface at and visiting Tools > Settings > Manage Sites.

Your Salesforce Audience Studio Solutions team will work with you to determine what the best Site configuration is for your organization.

See our Control Tag Implementation Guide for complete details on tagging sites with the Audience Studio Control Tag.

Tagging Media with Salesforce Audience Studio Trackers for Campaigns

Organizations can integrate data from all their media-buying activities by integrating the Audience Studio tagging infrastructure into their campaigns. By tagging campaign media with Audience Studio, detailed campaign reports on impressions, views, clicks and events are generated on Audience Studio.

The articles listed below describe the process for implementing the Audience Studio impression and click tracking tags into various campaign media.  

Need Help?

If you need help tagging your sites or your media, don't hesitate to contact the Audience Studio Solutions team at


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