Adding a Salesforce Audience Studio Segment to a Mobile Device

This is an optional testing step for apps passing Audience Studio segments to another SDK, like DFP.

Since your device will likely not be part of any live segments nor do you want to wait a day processing into one, you can manually add an Audience Studio segment ID to your device, which is your user.

Contact your Solutions Manager for your <PUBLISHER ID> used in the examples in the steps below:

  1. Go to your Audience Studio account's segment page under the Segments tab and pick a segment. Make a note of its segment ID.

  2. Ensure the segment is selected for Interchange Mode O&O onsite by editing its segment details in the platform, toggling Activate to On, and enabling "Send to Site.

  3. Using the same “add user” service for web sites (<PUBLISHER ID>&seg=<SEGMENT ID>), append your device's IDFA/ADID, which serves as the Krux user ID, to the _kuid parameter and load it into a browser. Use the Segment ID you selected and made a note of in step 1 for <SEGMENT ID><PUBLISHER ID>&seg=<SEGMENT ID>;_kuid=<IDFA>

A 200 response is expected.

To verify segments have been added to your Krux ID, run the following in a browser (replacing the PUBLISHER ID and IDFA with your own).<PUBLISHER ID>;_kuid=<IDFA>

When the Audience Studio SDK loads, in the user data JSON response, that segment ID will be passed back to the app.

This may take up to 20 minutes for the service cache to be updated.

To remove the user from the segment without deleting the cookies, you need to use this call:<PUBLISHER ID>&seg=<SEGMENT ID>&_kuid=<IDFA>




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