Verifying the SDK Implementation with Charles Proxy

We recommend that you use Charles Proxy (you can get a free trial for Windows, OS X, or Linux) and set your phone/device to route through your computer so that you can see the network traffic.  Details per device involve setting up your device on the same wifi network and then routing it through the testing computer (see here).

You may need to get the device to install the SSL certificate so that you can see the SSL traffic.  To enable SSL proxying see Charles' SSL proxying documentation.

To see SSL traffic

You need to enable * for SSL proxying so that Charles can see the contents of the request.  In the Charles menus, do the following 

  1. Click on 'Proxy'

  2. Click on SSL Proxy settings 

  3. Click on the 'add' button, and add in * as shown below.  The * does matter.

  4. Click OK and then OK to get out of the settings. You should now be able to have details you can see to check that data is being sent on to Salesforce Audience Studio.


Note:  You may need to have the device accept the certificate to allow SSL proxying.  Please follow the directions at to make sure your device accepts the Charles certificate.

Verifying the Audience Studio implementation 

  1. Open Charles.

  2. Open the app containing the Audience Studio SDK and verify that data is going through the computer.  If not, please check your settings.

  3. Filter for and look for data where "CONFIGID" is the ID you setup for the Audience Studio control tag.

As you move through the app you should see events firing off to for the user and page attributes.  If you don't see this, then you need to check things.


  1. Check the config id is correct

  2. Enable logging in the app to see what data you're sending to Audience Studio.

  3. If the data sent is blank, Audience Studio won't send on blank data

  4. Audience Studio complains that the SSL certificate is not valid

To check this with Audience Studio

  1. Do the above steps, and save a copy of the session.

  2. Create a ticket in helpdesk.

  3. Attach this Charles file, and ask for Audience Studio to check this over. 


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