File Based Data Capture Report

The File Based Data Capture Report allows you to monitor data ingested via the First Party Data Import process. Track the number of records provided in each file, match rates, and more.

The report can be accessed by going to Manage --> Capture --> File-Based Data Capture.

The last updated date is the last date a file was delivered and processed. The numbers at the top of the page include a breakdown of the total aggregate number of records in files, matched records, and the total number of files for the last updated date. For example, if today was the last updated date and 3 files were sent, then the aggregate will include 3 files and the total number of records and matched records for the 3 files.

The charts represent the numbers referenced above, along with a trend over the last 15 days.

File-specific metrics are available by clicking on one of the file names in the list. Available for up to the last 15 calendar days.


Why are parsed records lower than the number of records in the file?

Any errors included in the file will not be parsed, such as malformed content.

Why is my match rate so low?

Match rates rely on matching the user ids provided in the first party import files to the user ids collected via the first party user matching process. Your match rates will vary depending on the source of your data and opportunities to accumulate matches.

Why aren't the charts updating when I select a file?

Details are provided for the past 15 days. If you select a file delivered more than 15 days ago, additional information will not be available to be reviewed. We include a record of the file that was delivered and the date it was delivered.


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