Identify Android AdIDs, Apple IDFAs and Safari hashed IDs

Some exports of the Salesforce Audience Studio will contain mobile identifiers (MAIDs) like Android's AdID or Apple's IDFA, along with KUIDs and the client's first-party user IDs. Clients that use our hashed device ID will also see these IDs for some of their users. How can you tell which is which?

Apple's iOS advertising IDs are called IDFA and follow this format, all in upper case:

Example: EA7583CD-A667-48BC-B806-42ECB2B48606

Google's Android advertising IDs are called AdIDs. They follow the same format as IDFAs, but are all lower case:

Example: cdda802e-fb9c-47ad-0794d394c912

Hashed Device ID
Salesforce Audience Studio hashed device IDs are character strings of different length without separating characters:

Example: 000247834265aae2e6a23c1af08f98b7


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