What does the Control Tag do?

The Salesforce Audience Studio Control Tag is a snippet of code associated to a confid that gets generated to include in Websites, Media and uniqueids (confid) for mobile SDKs.

For the purpose of this example, we'll describe the behavior for websites. For more information about other types, please see Media Tags and SDK documentation.

Similar to Google Analytics for websites, Control Tag is a snippet of code that gets placed in the </head> section of a website to enable tracking, targeting and more. Including, but not limited to the following...

Data Capture - User Matching - Find out more on How to compare Audience Studio segment populations in Activation Partner systems.

Data Capture - Attributes - Additional contextual and user information about site visitors often using a DataLayer.

Data Capture - URLs - URLs are captured to emulate data leakage and provide additional url-related options in segment building.

Data Capture - JavaScript Events - Capture conversions and other related activities using JavaScript instead of a pixel fire to reduce page load impact to your site and optimize user matching across all execution parters and systems.

  • More about events: Guide, FAQ, Overview
  • Note: Conversion events are often used to enable Insights like Journey reports.

Tag Management - SuperTag delivery of tags - Optionally use the Tag Management features to deliver 3rd party code for tracking or targeting and additionally leverage advanced rules-based decisioning for where and when to deliver the code.

  • More about SuperTag Tag Management: Guide, FAQ

Real-time segments and site Personalization - Target first time visitors and personalize site content in real-time using real-time segments that are calculated in the browser. Activate with real-time activation partners to suppress or retarget offsite in real-time.

Owned and Operated (O&O) Targeting - Use 'Send to Site' activation features combined with O&O targeting to send segments directly to your ad server or CMS.

  • More about O&O.


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