Segments: Prioritization

Use Case

I need to limit the length of the url string for the ad call and make sure my most important segments are included to avoid exclusion based on character limitations of the Ad Server or other execution platform.

What is segment prioritization?
Segment prioritization allows Salesforce Audience Studio to sequence and limit the segment IDs passed through the ad call. Most ad servers, DFP Premium in particular, force a limit to the length of the URL string for the ad call. The prioritization ensures segments will occur earlier in the string in ranked priority (1 being the highest priority), to avoid exclusion based on the character limitations of the execution platform.

How do I prioritize segments?

Segments that are enabled for activation and 'Send to Site' will include the option to prioritize the segment. Newly created segments default to Priority = Last, but you may modify to set priority to First or a custom position by setting the exact numbered position.

How do I view the priority of my segments?

Select the filter icon at the top of the Segments page and choose 'Send to Site' option under the Activation title to limit the list of segments to the ones that have been activated for 'Send to Site'. Choose 'Priority' from the Sorting options and press 'Go' to view the filtered list. You may choose to view in ascending or descending order using the icon next to the sort option. 


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