Segments: Bulk Edit

Use Case

I want to enable or disable activation partners for multiple segments.

I want to update segment Type, Category or Sub-Category for multiple segments.


Bulk Update

To edit multiple segments...

  1. Find the desired list of segments using the filter criteria at the top of the Segments page
  2. Select the bulk edit icon Screen_Shot_2017-09-05_at_5.54.36_PM.png at the top right of the segments list
  3. Check the boxes next to each segment you'd like to edit
  4. Select the Bulk Edit button at the top of the segments list
  5. Choose to Overwrite or Modify
    1. Overwrite: You may choose between Segment Details or Activation Partners. When overwriting Activation Partners, you may choose to disable all by leaving the activate toggle in the 'off' position or enable by toggling activation to the 'on' position and selecting specific partners to enable. When selecting specific partners, blank checkboxes next to partners will save as blank (disabled)
    2. Modify: You may modify Segment details only. This is the best option for modifying Type, Category, and Sub-Category without impacting other information.

Overwrite vs. Modify

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