Browser Support


Audience Studio Infrastructure Chrome Firefox Internet Explorer Edge Safari
Control Tag* Latest and Latest -1 Latest and Latest -1 11+ Latest Latest and Latest -1**
Audience Studio User Interface Latest and Latest -1 Latest 11+ Latest Latest

* Browsers that expose W3C compliant APIs such as Opera can run our infrastructure successfully, but we do not patch compatibility issues. We also do not actively test in any emulation modes or with any extensions installed. We test with known polluting (libraries that modify utilities available in the browser) libraries like older versions of PrototypeJS to ensure we can coexist. 

** Safari support limited due to 3rd party cookies not being enabled by default. Review identity article and Safari FAQ for more information.

The above is subject to change without notice. Browser usage is monitored and browser support may be deprecated based on low volume usage as well as security requirements. 

In early 2020, the Chrome browser default for the SameSite setting will be SameSite=Lax. This may affect some of the Salesforce applications, so stay tuned to the release notes in January and February for specific instructions. 

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