Segments: Estimate Segment Population

Note: This features is limited to specific platform package types

Use Case

I want to understand estimated population size without having to create a new segment or wait for segment processing to finish.

How to Estimate Population

The following attribute types are supported

  • Page attributes
  • User attributes
  • Data providers
  • Site hierarchy

As rules are added to build a segment, an option to estimate the population for each rule will be displayed in the segment rule builder. The total population option is available for multiple rules and will be displayed as a range (lower and upper bound). Simply select the ‘est.’ button to view the estimate.

  • The ‘Est.’ button must be selected to perform the estimation
  • If the segment contains an attribute type that is not supported, the total population option will be excluded
  • The max recency supported is 30 days. If a rule is included with recency greater than 30 days, the estimate is still only based on the last 30 days 


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