Attributes: Meta Expansion

Use Case

I have additional contextual information to associate to an existing attribute so that I may use it when creating segments. It's a fairly consistent list of information that changes weekly at most.

Example: I am currently capturing a product id attribute and I have additional information such as, size, color, and name stored in a database associated to the product id. I'd like to periodically provide meta mapping for product id so that I may create audience segments that also include size, color, and other information about the product.


Meta expansion is offered for Multi-Channel Audiences editions only. A specific page attribute must be identified as the expansion attribute and mapping files must be provided in the required format as a complete replace file to a location defined by the Audience Studio.

Mapping files may be provided as often as weekly and are retroactively effective. For example, if product id 1234 was logged two weeks ago and the mapping file was provided today, the additional contextual information will be applied to the logged activity that occurred 2 weeks prior and the user would qualify for segments that meet the provided criteria.

Attributes are expanded based on the key value in the file matching the a specified attribute value from the designated attribute(s).

Make sure the values you are expanding are unique across the attributes you intend to expand. If you have multiple attributes with the same values, this will cause issues with expansion because there will be conflicts with which attribute to expand. 



Additional Notes

  • All attributes being expanded should be Page Attributes
  • We do support multiple files, and they should all be dropped in the same dated folder
  • Make sure new expansion attribute names being passed in the files are unique. A best practice is to append a prefix to each like "attExp_"
  • Attribute being expanded should be "active".  If we are not collecting it, we can't expand it
  • Max file delivery cadence is weekly



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