Data Sentry Basics

The following article provides a brief overview of how to use each of the Data Sentry reports to monitor data collection activity on your websites. Data collection activity may indicate unwanted or unauthorized activities on your sites.

Data Sentry reports may be found under Manage >Data Sentry IRIS within the Diagnostics section. For additional definitions and reasons why you should monitor data leakage, see the Data Sentry IRIS FAQ

Company Metric by Site

Use the page filter options to view specific sites or date ranges. The date range always defaults to the current month.

Sort columns by clicking on one of the column names to view by usher activity, collector activity, latency or usher / collector ratio.

The number of usher or collector activities represents the number of times the company was identified as an usher or collector in a unique chain. High volume activity for a specific company may indicate suspicious activity and require additional investigation in the ‘Overview of Requests and Chains’ report


Overview of Requests and Chains

Use the page filter options to view specific sites and date ranges or filter to view specific ushers and collectors. Select one of the column titles to sort by that column.

The top section provides a summary by collector type based on how the company is categorized (ad server, affiliate network, widget, etc.).

The Chains section outlines the individual usher and collector pairs to help you identify which companies are being ushered in, collecting, and / or the volume of requests and total overall percentage.

Use this information to provide details for discussions with 3rd parties that may be in violation of terms or negotiate new terms to eliminate or reduce unexpected activity.

Top ushers and collectors are summarized to indicate sources of top activity. In many cases, the companies on the top lists may be expected - ad servers, ad networks, measurement, tag management, etc. In some cases, they are unexpected and require further investigation via the Chains section of this report.


Benchmarking - Ushers, Collectors, and Page View Ratios

The benchmark reports provide you with insights about the volume of activity on other sites by usher and collector company types. Identify if specific types of companies are within reasonable ranges of average collection activity or if there are types of companies that have exceptionally large amounts of collection activity on your sites.


Monthly and Daily Trends

Quick snapshot views of activity to help you identify if activity is increasing, decreasing or staying steady. If there are spikes or dips inactivity, you may need to investigate newly introduced or recently removed partners that contributed to the change.


Campaign-Level Chain Reports

Note: Campaign Chain reports are an optional feature and are only available for customers using DFP.

The Rankings reports provide a summary view of top advertisers and collectors along with their activity as ushers or collectors. Once you identify advertisers of interest, you may further investigate using the Campaign-Level Chain Report Last 7 days or Last 30 days.

View reports by last 7 days or lat 30 days by selecting the appropriate report from the select list. Each report can be filtered by usher, collector, campaign, and advertiser. Sort results by clicking on any of the column titles.

High volume activity from a specific advertiser or campaign may require additional investigation in the Advertiser / Collector list for download report. Download data or cross tab to review detailed results and present information to advertisers to negotiate terms.

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