How to verify Hashed Device Management

The Salesforce Audience Studio Hashed Device Management solution allows for targeting users on Safari browsers that block 3rd party cookies.  Please open a ticket in the Help Portal if you would like to request Hashed Device Management.

Once you have Hashed Device Management enabled in your account, you can use your browser to check that hashed device IDs are returned.

To do so, navigate to a page that has your Control Tag placed.  Hashed Device Management will only work on pages that have the Audience Studio Control Tag implemented. 

Once on your site, click into Developer Tools and navigate to the Network Tab. Then, refresh the page. 

Use Ctrl+F to search for ‘kfuid’ and locate the resulting pixel.gif call from

When you click on the pixel.gif call and refer to the Headers, the Query String Parameters will include unique values for kfuid and kxfp. 

The kfuid is a user’s KUID on Safari, and is the value that would be passed in to an ad server as a key-value pair in an ad call.  The kxfp value is a corresponding hashed ID that comes from the user data service.

You may also view your browser’s ID in localStorage. In localStorage, the kfuid is returned via kxfp_id.

For more information about Safari targeting and Hashed Device Management, please visit the Safari FAQ page.




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