Segment Overlap Report FAQ

What this Report Does:

The Segment Overlaps report shows which other segments you have created have the greatest similarity to a given segment.  


  • Identify both similar profile or attributes (high overlaps) as well as additional reach opportunities (low overlaps)
  • Can expand a segment by adding site visitors who fall into different segments but are similar across thousands of attributes


  • Report output shows list of overlapping segments by percent overlap, the population of the base and overlapped (second) segment, the overlap population, and the union population
  • The union population is the base segment population plus the second segment population minus the overlap population
  • Viewable as a table (shown here) or in “petri dish” view that clusters by segment category and sub-category allowing you to hover over the circles to see the same overlap information as in the table view
  • Processed/recalculated weekly (on weekends)
    • It is recommended that segments process by Friday afternoons EST in order to ensure they fall into weekend processing for overlaps
  • No size requirements for segments to qualify for overlaps
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