Audience Profile Report FAQ

What this Report Does:

The Audience Profile report shows demographic information about a specific campaign or segment and the segments with the greatest number of unique impressions.


  • Learn which demographics your segments or campaigns fall into and export to share with clients or colleagues
  • Top overlapping segments will show how similar or unique your segments are


  • The gender, age, and household income profile of your users is determined using information from third-party data providers
  • Clicking the “Export to PDF” button at the top right of the chart allows exporting a logo-branded report
  • Data is processed weekly

How long does it take for the Audience Profile report to generate once a segment is created?

Audience Profile Reports process over the weekend and will be available the following Monday.

Why are top segments different in Audience Profile reports?

Please see this article for more information.

Are Safari users included in the Audience Profile report metrics?

No, Safari does not allow for third party cookie matching.

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