Funnels FAQ

What this Report Does:

The Funnels report tracks the sequence of events on customers’ paths to conversion and allows you to optimize accordingly. Use Funnels to understand at what stage in the conversion process users drop off, then target those users to encourage them to finish their purchase, registration, etc.


  • Allows you to track individual user actions in a purchase process (or other conversion)
  • Monitor conversion success, perform A/B testing, and learn more about converted users with funnel reports based on events and event attributes


  • Once events are created, you can choose to include them in a Funnel. This allows you to detect drop off points in the online journey to a conversion event.
  • Build funnels by setting up events in a specific sequence, representing the customer journey you want to analyze and/or target
  • Shows Traffic Trends and Audience Profiles for the users who engaged with the events in the funnel 
  • Processed/recalculated weekly (on weekends)


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