Segment Summary FAQ

What this Report Does:

The Segment Summary provides a view into how a given segment is composed. It shows the number of devices included and two views of people: those we know we can surely identify as tied to a device (determined from your own login information), and those we predict are tied to a device (determined by probabilistic matching from people seen elsewhere in the Salesforce Audience Studio ecosystem). A large variance between people and devices would conclude that we were not able to identify enough information to calculate people with confidence.



  • Grow your population directly from this report using lookalikes, segment overlaps, and the Cross-Device Identity Management capabilities
  • Inform your reach forecasting and omnichannel marketing opportunities


  • The People & Devices chart breaks down the number of people and devices in each of three main categories: desktop and mobile web, mobile apps, and Safari
  • The Device Population Trend chart shows the number of devices that have moved into and out of the segment during the prior 12 weeks


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