Data Sentry IRIS FAQ

What is Data Sentry?
Data Sentry protects your valuable website data from data mining, data skimming, policy infringement and other attacks that slow your site speed, decrease efficiency and leave your audience – and your business – vulnerable. Data Sentry enables you to establish and enforce policies associated with 3rd party data collectors.

Why monitor data leakage?

  • Regulator and compliance: There is a heavy burden on Publishers to monitor data collection activity, establish appropriate guidelines with partners, and obtain consent (opt-in) from customers.
  • Protect valuable data assets: Data skimming is a known threat that can compromise the value of Publisher data. Without protective measures, 3rd party partners can access and devalue Publisher data.
  • Improve transparency: Agreements are great, but insights provide transparency and keep people honest.

What are the key features of Data Sentry?

  1. Identifies potential data collectors that may be compromising consumer privacy and valuable data assets
  2. Monitors tags that are ushering in data collectors
  3. Manages the tradeoffs between latency impact and value

What are the differentiators of Data Sentry?

  1. Browser, creative and manual tag inspection
  2. Neutral position in the marketplace
  3. Integrated within the DMP platform

What features are no longer available in the new Data Sentry?

  1. Trusted and untrusted companies
  2. Email alerts
  3. Deep chain analysis

What is a collector?

A company whose media or snippet of code sets a cookie.

What is an usher?

A company whose media or snippet of code ushers in additional collectors.

What are the different levels of Data Sentry and which have additional costs associated?

Basic metric reports are available with Data Sentry. An additional fee is required for campaign level reporting.

What are the benchmark reports?

Benchmark reports are included to compare volume of activity to average activity across other sites.


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